Team (Poppy) Clarke, one. Rest of the world, nil.

Hey, I'm Poppy Clarke :) sister to my loser brother Jerome Clarke. I'm 13 and I go to Amun Boarding school in England. I am in the Isis house with my best friends Lila and Matthew (both have not gotten a tumblr yet and I need them to!) I'm a very sneaky girl who loves to find out secreats and go snooping around the house.... Don't mind if you see me in the hall at midnight.
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amun-boarding-rp asked: It's usually not advised to have roleplay accounts as side blogs but since it is easier for you to be more active I will allow it. There are some interesting open characters that you might like. I think you would have to re-audition also. -Christina

thank you :) and thats fine. right now i’m looking at who I might be intersted in if i continue on this roleplay :)

amun-boarding-rp asked: Because of the inactivity of this account, Poppy Clarke had been reopened and taken by somebody else. Kaitlynn hasn't been online in the past few days, as she has been on vacation which is why I am messaging you instead. I will let you take a different character if you want to, but only if you promise to be more active. Also, this is the new main of the roleplay. Sorry about that. -Christina

its alright, the reason for me not being active is that this account is not connected with my personal blog so its harder for me to get to. im sorry about not being on :P lol if i become a new character, i will hook it up to my personal blog so that i dont have to sign out and sign into a different account every time i want to post something here. :) i’ll check out the characters available on your blog and decide if i want to continue in this roleplay or not. but if i do then i promise to be more active. once again im sorry for my absence :/

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:( i’ll leave then. sorry about never being on :/

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Anonymous asked: The earth is the way to find the most powerful of them all.

umm… what? XD

matthew--watson asked: Hey, Poppy!

Hey Matthew! how’s it been? I see you’ve finally got yourself a blog!

marajaffray47 asked: Hey Poppy, I haven't seen you around in a while. :)

yeah, sorry about that Mara, i’ve been really busy :/ and i forgot about this blog XD how are you doing? are you together with my brother yet? ;)